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About Us

    Ali has been teaching yoga since 2008. Her teachings have taken her around the world to places including Hawaii, Costa Rica & Nicaragua. She has 1650 hours in Yoga Teacher Training education and is trained with Baptiste Yoga, Multi Style Yoga and RC Yoga.

    She has been co-facilitating trainings since 2012 and running trainings successfully on her own since 2016. She has written & delivered several online programs - inspiring many humans & leaders. 

    Ali has had many titles in her lifetime; from studio owner to author, to nomad and most importantly, Mama bear to three wild men. Her life's work is about living an extraordinary, beautiful, healing, authentic life- so she can share what she learns with others. She loves humanity. She loves mother earth. Her purpose is to be a vessel for good on the planet while she is here. She + her husband spent last summer as pioneers, building a beautiful home for their family (just the two of them).

    Brooklyn began her yoga teaching journey back in 2014 when she completed her first training through Multi Style Yoga. Her first love was anatomy, which lead her to becoming a 2200 hour Registered Massage Therapist.

    She treated clients for several years and acquired many modalities including cupping therapy, raindrop therapy and orthopaedic massage. She worked with many athletes as well as rehabilitation cases throughout her journey & was honoured to start teaching Anatomy within Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

   She is a mama of 2 boys and an abundance of fur babies.


Ali Gray 



Brooklyn Brown 



Our Philosophy

The physical aspects of the Vibrant One styles are inspired by Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundilini Yoga & Power/Flow Yoga. Our programs are accessible to everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, experience & talents - we will happily meet you where you're at.

    We recognize the power of connection and community. We teach the profound practices of yoga, meditation & self discovery as tools for healing & transformation for individuals + communities . 

    Our graduated teachers come from all walks of life: parents, grandparents, Indigenous wellness leaders, school teachers, doctors, travellers, entrepreneurs, ext.

    Not only have they gone on to confidently teach highly impactful yoga classes and continue to make significant contributions in their communities

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