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Now on sale for only $995

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

     Our trainings are designed for people who love yoga, want to embody their practice and lead highly impactful, inspiring yoga classes, workshops + events. 

         Our trainings are also for people who may not want to teach, but who love yoga, want to powerfully step into themselves and their lives, be inspired and build an awesome, authentic, supportive community.


    In our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will be certified in, and exploring a variety of yoga styles including: Hatha, Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra + just a little bit of Kundilini Yoga

Our Trainings Include:

  • Creating + establishing supportive daily rituals.

  • Self Inquiry - we feel the best teachers keep it real, teach from their own experiences & have a big box of tools.

  • Yoga History  + an in depth look at the 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Basic Anatomy & Movement

  • Asana- Practicing Intelligently. 

  • Modifications & Contraindications: How to effectively teach to all kinds of people: injury, conditions, pregnancy, postnatal, trauma, preventing yoga injuries ect.

  • Exploration & Transcendence in Pranayama

  • Meditation & Mantras/Chanting

  • Study in Mudras

  • Sequencing & Studying Different Modalities of Yoga: Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Flow, Power + Yoga Nidra

  • Live Your Yoga

  • Hands on Assists 

  • Chakras & Energy Healing

  • Empowering Teaching Techniques

  • Business of Yoga/ Aligning with your Purpose.

  • Creating Goals + Actions

  • Sanskrit & Transformational Vocabulary

  • Remembering You Are Nature

  • Basic Food + Nutrition Info


Why Work with Vibrant One Yoga?

You will receive ongoing support after graduation as you advance your skills

as an instructor & in your life.

Our trainings are effective, transformational and also (we think) super fun.

They not only meet the criteria of Canadas Yoga Alliance, we go above + beyond because we love

humanity + love what we do. 

PLUS Non- Contact Hours:

2 Hours Pre-requisites assignments

6 Hours Practice Teaching

6 Hours Participating in classes

Our 200 Hour YTT program is registered through Yoga Alliance.


100 Hours $1950

200 Hours $2750

200 Hour Online was $2550


* Canadian *Gst included

     In Canada you need 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training to be a certified yoga teacher.

Our programs offer flexible dates- so that you can choose 2, of our 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs- giving you the full 200 hours. VOYI is registered through Canada's Yoga Alliance.



     In Canada you need 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training to be a certified yoga teacher.

    Our programs offer flexible dates- so that you can choose 2, of our 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs- giving you the full 200 hours.

    VOYI is registered through Canada's Yoga Alliance.


What to Expect

    Our In-Person Trainings typically begin at 830am and end around 6pm.

What do I need to bring?

  • Bring your yoga mat, any props you may need, a journal & a pen.

  •     Snacks & meals. We will have access to a small fridge.

  •     Water & electrolytes (coconut water or gatorade)

  •     We will be spending a lot of time in seated, so please feel welcome

to bring what you need to create a small nest.

  •     For summer months- we will be spending time outside.

  •     Bring sunscreen or a light jacket if needed. 

    The hours can be long, and we assure you we will take good care of you. We will have small breaks, a big lunch break, and gentle practices. If you are concerned about fitness levels, no need to worry; we happily meet you where you're at. We're happy to help you modify if you need it. 

    You can except to leave feeling ready to shine in all areas of your life. You can expect to be ready to lead powerful, heart fuelled flow, hatha + yin yoga classes. 

    Upon application there is a non-refundable $500 deposit fee. If you are requesting a payment plan, one needs to be completed before training begins. 

    If you withdrawa your application from the training for any reason, within 90 days of the start date, we unfortunately cannot refund you. The venues we work with book in advance and our school is required to pay a deposit for each attendee.  If we cancel after 90 days, we do not get our deposit refunded, and we are required to pay for  a portion of your stay, due to the lost reservation of the venue.

    You can e transfer to vibrantoneyoga@gmail. com or arrange to pay cash/ cheque

How to Apply


Is Teaching Yoga for me?

-Do you love humanity and want to inspire and elevate others?

-Do you love yoga and want to learn how to take it off your mat?

-Do you want to learn to speak confidently in front of others?

-Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, others + nature?

-Are you a creative being? (If not, that's fine too)

-Are you on this page searching up Yoga Teacher Trainings?

Carly- YTT Participant 

   "Before beginning my yoga journey, I thought I knew exactly who I was. Man, was I wrong. I was who I thought I SHOULD be instead of who I AM.

   Through a regular yoga practice and my several YTT's, I have gained an immense collection of invaluable tools that allow me to live a much more fulfilling and mindful life.

Practices such as asana, chanting, meditation & more have taught me to tune into not only my physical body but also my emotions, energy, how I'm showing up in the world and even my personal  Belief Systems!

    Teaching yoga, has also led me to feel so incredibly strong, courageous and empowered. It has opened so many exciting doors and allowed me to connect with some amazing people, whom I'm so honoured to call my tribe!

When I do get off track or fall back into old patterns, without fail, I always come back to my yoga toolbox to help bring me back into balance.

     Yoga and all it's wonders provide me the ability to create more self-love, to heal and to step into my power to be my quirky badass self & live the VIBRANT  life I want to lead!" 
-CB 2018

Jocelyn- YTT Participant 

"I’m really grateful for taking that training. It was a few months after my granny passed away, I received support, love, safety and coaching. It was what I needed to help grieve my granny and process what had happened. During that training I had grown - physically stronger, emotionally stronger, intellectually and spiritually. Ali and Brooklyn are amazing teachers and even more amazing people. That makes a training great. I can’t wait to train with these beautiful souls again. Thank you ladies for holding such a safe, sacred place to be vulnerable and grow!"

-JL 2017

EG- YTT Participant

"Hi, my name is Emily,I have taken two, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with VOYI.


Ali and Brooklyn filled my head with so much knowledge of my anatomy - I learned how to help protect myself and others from injury throughout our practice. They gave me the space and tools I needed to begin releasing and healing my traumas. They gave me passion; perspective; They gave me a tribe. The people I have met and shared with throughout this community will continue to be my lifelong friends and I'm eternally grateful. 


One of the most important aspects of my yoga journey has been learning to embrace the uncertainty of my path. Embracing the ebb and flow of my own evolution in this human experience and accepting that there is no perfect state of being. Some days I will feel lost, broken, and that I have no business guiding others through their practice. Some days I will feel iridescent, grounded, and glorious. And it is all sacred. I am sacred. The world is for me and I am for the world.

And so are you. So, what are you waiting for?"

-EG 2016

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