Be the Balance in the Centre & You Will Live in Harmony

Today I am choosing to write just for me. I am choosing to create because I know that creating fuels me & makes my heart sing. It is human nature. We must create.

I read a chapter from the book "The Untethered Soul" yesterday. It spoke to me deeply & was exactly what I was needing to tap into in that moment. It talked about how as humans, we can tend to pendulum in extremes. It used extreme examples; on how I may like the weather to be hot, but I wouldn't like it to be 6000 degrees. I may like it to be cold outside, but I wouldn't want it to be 90 below.

I may want to be with my partner all the time, but is it really healthy to be with someone every second of the day? I may like time alone. But is it really healthy to be alone all of the time?

Where is the balance?

The book spoke about how somewhere in the middle is the Flow, or the Tao. And all we have to do is land in our centres, in the present moment & lean into the flow. It is a letting go of preference, figuring out, or the "fix it" mentality, and simply leaning in. A leaning into our centre, or core, or heart, or breath in the moment. This is not something to struggle or strive for. This is a letting go, a surrender to the moment, and a tapping into a trust within yourself.

Within each of us there is a place that is always watching, always kind, always wise, always there for you. Letting go, slowing down and landing in the moment allows us to relax into that space. And allows us to feel for where we may be operating from extremes, and instead of falling into them and feeling stuck or overwhelmed by them, we feel for them and move back to centre. Again and again.

I know this to be true. Sometimes we forget don't we?

The chapter struck me because I can definitely see some extremes in my life. Where there has been a lot of focus on either the past or the future- and not much focus on the now. I love to heart-storm and make all kinds of delicious plans for the future- but what happens when I go pendulum in the extremes of being in the past or the future? And what happens when I worry about the past & the future? I'm not in my centre, anymore.

So dear ones, I love to create myself and my life using my language. So I am going to share with you some things I journalled on over the last couple of days- because even though I chose to write for just myself & my own journey this morning- I hope there is some magic in here for you too.

I put in bold font what you could ask yourself, and the smaller font is what I wrote for myself.

Be gentle with yourself as you inquire.

I create myself as: (choose the words that you want to feel most)

Ease. Deep Peace. Clarity.

I choose to land in the moment and nurture what I already have going on. These things are:


My Relationship with my love

My kids

My house

My friends & community

My business

You could go into each of your things & create tangible heart-felt actions on how exactly you will nurture these things. How will you know that you have nurtured the things? Celebrate that you are taking the time for yourself. Celebrate exactly where you are right now. Celebrate each action you take.

Here I like to write anything that comes from my heart that I need to hear:`

I choose to honour the past. Trust the future.

I choose to operate from my centre and from each "right now" moment.

I am open to the possibility of a balanced creation.

I choose to flow.

I am flow.

Much love <3


"Find the balance in the centre & you will live in harmony"

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