No Need to Fear, Fear

In moments that I catch myself up in my head, floating around, going over the same stories again and again -I make sure to take time to slow down. I sit down and feel my body. I feel my breath.

Today I noticed my thoughts moving quickly. They were afraid. They were thoughts of worry. I took the time to slow down. I took the time to write down everything I was afraid of. When I read it, I noticed that it was just mind chatter. Mind chatter going round n round, about how I need to be in fear. The thoughts were telling me that I am not enough, I am not clear enough, I am inadequate. That my life will be a struggle.

My inner coach says “fuck that, breathe into your heart space Ali. Feel your strength. Feel love. Feel the moment. You are so enough. You are a giant."

Don’t be afraid of fear, dear one. It is okay. It is apart of being human. Write down everything you’re afraid of. Don’t be afraid to look.

Read everything you wrote, look at the fear with love & acceptance. Remind yourself that inside of you is a space that is always loving, always wise, a powerful, alive space. That space is you, and where you're at is perfect.

I like to light my paper of fears on fire & watch them burn. That feels so satisfying & freeing to me.

Much love to you, sacred one!


#Fear #Flow #Trust

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