These foundational meditation courses were thoughtfully put together by Ali.

Each one is special & unique and offer different intentions and benefits:


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Get Cozy in Your Body 

3 Part Meditation Course, done over 21 days.

Many of us are disconnected from our physical space, and we may not even be aware of that. In this course you will learn to deeply connect with your body. Take care of your body. Love your body up. Regulate + calm your nervous system. And feel really really cozy, soft, strong & relaxed.

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Meditation Package for Couples

3 Part Meditation Package, done over 21 days.

In this playful meditation package you will connect deeply with yourself & your lover. 

Play with the senses + intimacy. Learn foundational, empowering tools. Give & receive love. Play. Relax. Love. *sigh*

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3 Part Meditation Course, done over 21 days.

Ahimsa is a yoga sutra which translates to "non-violence". We look at this as practicing deeply rooted compassion, acceptance & self care. It begins with you, and transforms into a beautiful outward rippling effect. Be the change. Live your yoga.

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Moving Through Anxiety, Stress + Fear

3 Part Meditation Course, done over 21 days.

I too have felt the seemingly uncomfortable sensation of anxiety, worry, stress + fear. In this intimate package you get to practice and embody tools that I use to help me hold space for myself to feel, breathe, nurture, and move through whatever it is you are moving through. Feel supported, nourished & powerful. 

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Divine Goddess Meditation Package for Her

3 Part Meditation Series, done over 21 days.

This meditation package is a remembering for the she warrior. 

Woman, remember your sensuality, creativity, power, softness + sacredness. 

Confidently stand in your skin. Create the life you want. Nourish yourself with sweet practices. Light it up wild Woman! 

To REGISTER E transfer $21 to with DIVINE GODDESS in the message, as well as your email address. You will receive this content in your email within 24 hours.

What People are Saying About these Course:

    "Ali Gray will take you on an adventure to your heart where you can listen and learn what you are truly meant to be doing. Through busting old patterns and heart meditation to asking the hard questions, Ali will support you on a truthful and inspiring journey of self realization. A loving, kind and beautiful soul inside and out".- Kate Watson 

    "Ali made me feel safe, and instead of pushing I feel like she kind of unveils another option, and opens your eyes to a different perspective rather than forcing you to see things a certain way. I never felt obligated to make a post or share my experience but Ali's guidance made me want to share and feel like no matter what I said in the group, that I was fully supported.

Radiant Life is a course that makes you feel just the way it should: ALIVE. I went into this course feeling very "stuck" in my self doubt, and lack of purpose. Through this group however, I found a safe haven to work out my feelings, notice my negative thought patterns, and become open to looking at my life with a new perspective. Ali has a way of making you feel at home, I truly felt like I belonged in this group and I wish it didn't have to end! I would recommend this course to anyone who is feeling a little alone, a little lost and needing a little bit of self-love, because you'll receive so much love and support from this course, from Ali, the other participants and from yourself!" Carly Barron May 2017.

    "I love working with Ali... any chance I get will I jump to do it. She has helped me through so many battles in my life I can't thank her enough for who she is. I was feeling pretty low before joining this course and was unsure what to expect. I had lost site of my hope and dreams and through this course it was all brought back to me. My passion for life & yoga is back in a way I didn't think possible! I would do this course over and over again." - Alisha Roy 

    "I have done courses of Ali's for pretty much as long as she's offered them. Every single course offers something new and even if the courses have a similar outline, I ALWAYS get something new out of it. Ali is very personable and kind. She has a way of coaching that doesn't overwhelm you, she never tells you what you need to do. Rather, she guides you and gives you little nudges where you need them and always holds space for you to feel what you need to feel. Even when the courses end, I never feel like she steps away from her role of coaching, she is always there when you need. Her courses are life changing and inspiring. Love them! And her!" - Brooklyn Brown 

    "After two amazing courses with Ali I can honestly say my life is improved with the help of her coaching. Alive and Radiant Life were both courses that I 100% use the knowledge and coaching received in them in my daily life. They helped opened my eyes and my heart to myself, my purpose and the love within all of those. Ali's creative assignments are great for keeping everyone engaged and her realistic views of life and the human experience is genuine and inspiring. I would highly recommend everyone get some coaching or take a course with Ali if only just gain a perspective you may have never thought of before."- Shae Rogers