Meet the tribe of VOYI
Ali Gray


I am Al.

I grew up on a sheep farm, with my big family in southern Alberta. 

I currently live in beautiful BC, Canada with my 3 wild boys & wonderful huz. I spend my time in nature as much as I can with them- sipping in lake views & getting dirty and playful. I love that.

I love people. And I love being alone. 

I love women. So much. They inspire me & make me feel like we can change the world.

I love yoga. I call it a great love of my life.

It saved me. I've been teaching yoga for 12+ years.

I love being raw & real. 

I love laughing...a lot. 

I've actually grown to love crying as well.

I love dance parties & music & moving my body and listening for & receiving pleasure. 

I love Nicaragua & water & trees & sun & travel.

I love my family. I have 7 siblings who are my soul mates. They live 7 hours away. I cry missing them almost everyday.

I love breath. 

I love writing love letters (sometimes to myself).

I love getting massages.

I am inspired when people choose to be vulnerable, messy & real.

I am passionate about holding space for healing & transformation & movement. 

I love getting curious about emotions- the 'light' & the 'dark'. I'm a big geek about healing.

I love life- and getting my body on the earth.

That's just a little about me.

Hope to see you at one of our programs!



Ali has been teaching yoga since 2008. She has taught yoga internationally to thousands of people . She has 1650 hours in Yoga Teacher Training. She has trained with Baptiste Yoga, Multi Style Yoga and RC Yoga.

She has been co-facilitating trainings since 2012 and teaching trainings successfully on her own since 2016. She has written & delivered several Online Programs - inspiring many humans & leaders.

She has written articles published in Elephant Journal.

She recently sold a Yoga Studio that she had created and operated for 6 years called

Sweet Freedom Yoga & Boutique in Salmon Arm BC. 

Her life's work is about living an extraordinary, beautiful, healing, authentic life- so she can share what she learns with others. She might look 16, and that has never stopped her.

 She loves humanity.


Carly Barron

Co - Facilitator

Brooklyn Brown 

Welcome to Vibrant One!
    My yoga journey started at a young age; going to classes with my dad and sister throughout the week. The warm classes felt necessary in our cold Alberta winters and there was no denying how good it made me feel physically. I recognized that there was so much more to yoga then just the physical aspect but didn’t fully dive into it until 2014 when I completed my first yoga teacher training. From there, a new journey began and I really started to reflect on my core values and how to live a deeper, more meaningful life that really meant something to me. A life where I get to make choices and live as authentically as ever. Through Vibrant One, I am able to connect, teach and learn. I truly feel inspired by the work and am grateful that my sister and I put in the time and effort to make it happen and that we get to share it with all of you. 



    Brooklyn Brown lives on a ranch in Alberta with her husband and two boys. Brooklyn is a Registered Massage Therapist, and mama of two sweet boys.

     Brooklyn has been treating clients since 2013, receiving her diploma for Massage Therapy (2200 hours) with Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She has taken advantage of her knowledge of anatomy as well as the awareness of how each individual body is unique, and has applied it to her Yoga teaching. 

    Brooklyn has received over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training hours and has been fortunate enough to work along side Ali Gray, where she has received countless hours in personal coaching and mentorship. 

    Brooklyn and her husband Joel are adventure seekers and together they have travelled to 25 different countries around the world, downsized to a fifth wheel for 5 months while Brooklyn was pregnant and are now on the most exciting adventure yet of raising their son, Oswald, on a family farm.

    When Brooklyn isn’t outside with her family and fur babies, you will find her making jewelry, diving into more anatomy books, or planning her next adventure. 


Annie Norris

Co - Facilitator

Annie (aka Tree) has successfully completed 500 Hours with VOYI. Annie is an inspiring woman who loves to travel, volunteer in Africa, and assist us in YTT. She is helpful, kind & also a  talented photographer. We adore you Annie! 

BC born and Alberta raised,

Carly has always felt like a lost mermaid desperately trying to get back to the Ocean.

She's getting closer as she currently resides in the beautiful valley of the Okanagan, surrounded by sandy beaches, lakes, mountains and some of the most wonderful and caring people she has ever met. It was here that she completed both her BA in Anthropology and B.Ed in Elementary Education. It was also here that she fell in love with yoga and more importantly, with herself. 

For Carly, yoga has been a constant journey of self-discovery. It found her at a time when she was feeling very lost, unsure of who she was and like she had no sense of direction or purpose.

Her practice taught her to create more space for self-love, the ability to heal, and the courage to live her life in a way that serves her. Through her 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, she has gained the tools to step into her power, let go of self-limiting beliefs and embrace her truth:

she is worthy of love and the life she wants to lead.

She is currently teaching at several studios in the Kelowna and Lake Country area and lives happily with her partner in weirdness, Conor and their beloved beta fish, Caesar. When she isn't teaching yoga, Carly enjoys: reading inspirational books, updating her website, talking to her pet fish, stand-up paddle boarding, riding her bike (but only if there is ice cream or beer at the destination), face masks and candlelit baths, binge watching too much TV on Netflix, gathering with her favourite ladies for some much needed girl time, camping and adventuring, getting her butt kicked at New Wave Fitness and of course attending yoga classes herself! 

Check out Carly's Site:



Jocelyn Lywood

Co - Facilitator

I was born & raised in Salmon Arm.  

2010 I tried yoga with a friend in Salmon Arm and this is where I met Ali Gray. I had never tried anything like it before. 2015 came around and I had signed up for my first yoga training.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this training. It was such a huge eye opener for me. You may have heard before that it is life changing - well it is! Completely life changing for me. Not only learning the asana ( poses ) but learning things about my self that I never had awareness before. I was shining light on dark, dusty places. I now had life tools that I could use on my mat and even use off my mat. Since 2015 I have attend 2 more Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

June 2018 I bought Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio & Boutique. This has been one of the best decisions of my life. 

I enjoy swimming at the Shuswap lake and being with family & friends. I love riding horses and being around them. 

Jocelyns Website: sweetfreedomyoga.com