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Welcome to your MEDITATION PACKAGE FOR COUPLES Thank you for your purchase. * Anytime you practice yoga, meditation, or really, anything; please practice with deep patience for yourself and the experience. It does not have to look a certain way, or even feel a certain way. What ever is present in each "right now" moment is perfect. Drop expectation as much as you can. And BE with whatever is here.

*These meditations are used for healing, relaxing & growing. They are not meant to replace professional or medical help or advice.

Let the Adventure Begin 



For best results: Do each part for 7 days; then move onto the next <3 

Meditation for Lovers Part 1 -Ali Gray
00:00 / 15:08
Meditation for Lovers Part 2Ali Gray
00:00 / 14:12
Meditation Package for Couples Part 3 - Ali Gray
00:00 / 20:11

If you would like to play with asana as well, I have included a few that would compliment each week well:

Part 1

Childs Pose: (You could rub each others lower backs here)

Part 2

Partner Bound Angle:

Part 3

Savasana with a head massage: