50 Hour



50 Hour Specialty Training

In these 6 nourishing days together we explore each of the following themes in great depth. 
( 10 hours spent on each theme). Build upon your abilities & talents as a yoga teacher and advance your skills.
Yin Yoga:
Is a slow moving, healing style of yoga.
We explore the philosophy & principles of yin yoga.
The critical alignment of yin yogic postures (and your body).
Getting in & out of postures gently. 
Understanding the practical benefits of yin: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.
Powerful teaching techniques.
The opportunity to teach a yin class.
In the meditation portion of this training we explore different styles of meditation, energy healing, meditative movement, dancing, laughter, chanting, group discussion, some exploration of the yamas & niyamas, interwoven with self inquiry, self love, journeying through the 7 bodies,  time in nature, healing of the past & getting know your divine self most intimately. 
Hands on Assists:
Learn Hands on Assists for a wide variety of postures-From Yin Yoga to more advanced postures. 
You will cultivate your skills in a supportive, watchful, hands-on and practical way.
Develop confidence in your touch.
Respect boundaries.
Learn how to touch in a safe & effective way.
Work with a variety of bodies.
Set a strong foundation for bringing Hands on Assists into your teaching toolkit.
Chakras are vital centres in the energy body that receive and express life-force energy. What is this life force? Yogis call it prana or shakti. Chinese medicine calls it chi. Star Wars movies call it The Force. Anodea Judith calls this energy charge, and sees it as the missing element at the core of the healing process. "The chakras are the seven windows to the soul, that connect the inner world to the outer" - Anodea Judith 
In the chakra portion of this training we use asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, mudra, self inquiry & journalling to tap into our energetic world; "Healer, heal thyself". 
Learn chakra basics & care so that you can confidently practice and play with balance in your own life
& share your knowledge of the chakras with others.
Art of Alignment:
In the art of alignment portion of the training we explore basic anatomy and give tools on how to move & align optimally.
Discover how to practice yoga (and teach yoga) with safe alignment, skillfully.
Contraindications & how to work with a variety of bodies.
Avoiding common injury.
We will study several common yoga postures, where you'll get the opportunity to feel the posture in your own body, play with your own optimal alignment; and also how to see bodies, and effectivley teach alignment in your yoga classes.
Yoga can help find freedom from pain and restriction, as has been proven time and again by people around the world. You'll reap the most benefits when you are in optimal alignment (for your beautiful, unique body). 
We also provide:
Your amazing, love & knowledge filled manual.
A certificate upon completion: 50 hours of yoga alliance continuing education.
Location: Rural Foothills AB (right between High River & Black Diamond) 
The location is Brooklyn's amazing zen farm. The space is cozy, bright & welcoming.
The outdoors space is amazing, there will be time to explore, get into nature & walk to a glacial erratic.
Please message us for directions.
Email us to inquire about dates in Alberta & BC.
How to apply: To apply, please email Upon approval, we will require a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will go towards your tuition.
Regular Cost: $740
Deposit: $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot and will be put towards your tuition.
Please bring any yoga props you need to be comfortable.
Your Yoga Mat.
A journal & pen.
Snacks & meals (there will be breaks for eating and a fridge that can be shared) Weather pending we will spend some time outside (bring what you need to be comfortable for that: bug spray, sunscreen, sweater, coat, blanket to sit on ext)